Fur Off gloves were created for pet lovers all over the world who shares their lovely home with furry friends. Our furry friends have a habit of covering our sofas, blankets, beds, carpets, clothes, inside of cars with their fur and dander. Fur off helps remove these fur, dander and even dust from surfaces like these and even the in-between spots! Fur off has a special lacquer coating that helps gather the fur, dander, and dust together by moving in a circular motion. This coating pulls the particles together into a tight knit ball form where its easily picked up and tossed into the garage. Even on the sides of the finger of the gloves have this special lacquer coated to help with the hard to reach in-between spots like sides of the car, sides of the beds, and sides of the sofas. 

Fur Off is easy to put on and easy to use. You can reuse these gloves up to 12 months. It comes in a pair, one right hand and one left hand. Can be machine washed or hand washed, but must be air dried.

Furr Off Gloves