About Us

As responsible pet owners, I am sure you will never want to risk the chances of your furry friends running away and getting lost. Perhaps the best way to avoid such an incident is to add a little tag onto your furry friend's collar. Your furry friends might never be off-leash you might say, but then we should always be prepared since anything could happen in our unpredictable lives. So this is where we come in! Our mission is to create some Not-So-Average pet tags for your fashionistas, where your furry friends can rock their tags in many styles. Whether you want them to bling it out with Swarovski stones, Glitter, or something simple yet sophisticated. Therese Tags & Pet Accessories offers a variety of tags that ensures our customers with something they and their furry friends would love. 


作為一個負責任的主人,我相信你們絕不會想你心愛的毛茸茸的朋友逃跑和迷路的機會。避免此類事件發生,最好辦法是將一個寵物ID牌放上你的心愛的毛茸茸的朋友項圈。你要明白你的毛茸茸的朋友不可能永遠拴好,因為可能隨時發生意外。因此,這是我們來了!我們的使命是創建一些寵物ID牌令您成為寵物畀的時尚達人,在那裡你毛茸茸的朋友可以擁有不同系列。無論你是想他們金光閃閃它與施華洛石,閃粉系列,或者一些簡單而精緻。Therese Tags & Pet accessories配件提供了多種寵物ID牌,以確保我們的客戶提供的東西,他們和他們的毛茸茸的朋友會喜歡。

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