First Aid for your pet ! 

Banixx products have none of the potentially irritating smell or sting you might find in other products. Safe for use on all animals, our products are free of steroids and antibiotics.


#1 Trusted Solution for Equine and Pet Owners

Easy Care for — Dog Ear Infections — Cat Ear Infection — Dog Hot Spots — 
Horse Scratches — 
Rain Rot — Thrush — Dog Ringworm — 
Cat Ringworm — White-Line Disease — Dog Itchy Skin Allergies & So Much More!


Banixx First Aid Product

  • Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial with no sting, no steroids & no clinical odor.

  • A unique pH product that’s safe for use around the eye & mouth

  • Earth-friendly, Non-toxic, made in USA and Safe for Any Pet

Banixx Cream-01.jpg
  • Dries like a liquid bandage

  • Ultra-enriched with marine collagen and essential extracts including aloe vera

  • Made without the use of steroids or alcohol, making it safe to use without fear of irritating your pet’s skin

Banixx is both effective and extremely safe